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Bill Hansell has been practicing and teaching taijiquan for over 30 years. His lineage is: Yang, Chenfu - Jiang, Yukun - Zhu, Lianfang - Cheng, Xianhao (who currently teaches in Philadelphia and has a blog at TheInternalArts.com). The Health Journal profiled Bill in Taking Time to Practice Tai Chi. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine of the National Institutes of Health has a brief overview of taiji chuan which can be accessed by clicking here . Science Daily follows news on alternative medicine and includes news about taiji and qigong and can be viewed here.

Fall 2015

Call Bill Hansell (757-566-0040) or email him ( bill@williamsburgtaiji.com) if you have questions.  Prior registration not required.

Christopher Newport University LLS Sep 8 - Oct 6 2:30 PM 24 Form
  Oct 20 - Nov 17 2:30 PM 24 Form
Quarterpath Rec Center Sep 15 - Nov 17 12:15 PM 40 Form
4 Seasons Sep 15 - Nov 17  5:00 PM 24 Form
Quarterpath Sep 16 - Nov 18  12:15 PM 24 Form
Quarterpath Sep 16 - Nov 18 1:30 PM Fan Form
Ford's Colony Sep 9 -  Nov 11 4:45 PM 24 Form
Christopher Newport University LLS Sep 10 - Oct 8      1:00 PM Fan Form
  Oct 21 - Nov 19 1:00 PM Fan Form
NASA Sep 17 - Nov 19  4:00 PM 105 Form

CNU LLS: Christopher Newport University Life Long Learning Society, call Jackie at 268-4368 for information

FC TC:  Ford's Colony Tai Chi Club.  Open to non-residents as well as residents.  This session will focus on the last half of  the form ("Turn
Kick Left Heel" through closing.)  Call Susan at 849-2404 for information.

4 Seasons: Four Seasons Community, Viniterra development, Exit 211, I-4. Call Vera at 804-932-9996 for information.

QP Rec Ctr:  Williamsburg Quarter Path Recreation Center.  Call Maureen or Amy at 259- 3760 for information.

NASA:  Langley Research Center in Hampton.  Class only open to those with access to the LaRC facility.

There has been a growing interest in learning a Tai Chi Long Form. As a result I will offer a series of classes to learn the Yang Style Traditional Form, 105 Movements. Although the techniques in Traditional Form are more comprehensive than those used in modern Yang forms, the movements are basically the same as 24 and 40 Form.

The 36 hour series of classes will be offered every other weekend at the Quarter Path Recreation Center beginning January 9 & 10, 2016. The classes will go through the weekend of April 30/May 1, 2016. Each class will be 2 hours and will begin at 1:00 on both Saturday and Sunday. The cost for the total series will be $190. The economics of renting the room for the class requires that I have a minimum of 10 students. If you have questions please contact me.

CONTACT BILL at 757-566-0040 or bill@williamsburgtaiji.com

Read more about Bill and Taijiquan at The Health Journal and in a second article about balance at The Health Journal.

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