Williamsburg Taijiquan

Xuan Zhichao Demonstrates Wu Style Taijiquan




On Wednesday, Aug 21, 2013, at The Living Room in Lightfoot, VA, Bill Hanselll hosted a visit from a very important Chinese Tai Chi Official, Mr. Xuan Zhichao. The visit took place at Bill's Yang Style 9 form class. Mister Xuan is the President of the Jilin Provence Tai Chi Quan Association. In this state-level Chinese government position he manages all official Tai Chi activities in Jilin Provence.

After a brief introduction, Mr. Xuan gave a brief talk and demonstrated Wu style Tai Chi. Wu style is one of the five major forms of Tai Chi done throughout the world and has few practitioners in the USA. He emphasized that while Tai Chi is a martial art, it also has important health benefits and is noted for its grace and beauty.

A reception for Mr. Zuan and his wife and daughter (who is a student at William & Mary) followed his demonstration.

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